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Sydney Dental Professionals Moving Letter

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Dear Patients,

I would like to personally thank you for your continued loyalty to Sydney Dental Professionals and am pleased to announce some exciting changes to our practice. Due to continued success we need to expand and as of the 3rd March 2014 we have merged our practice with Sydney Dental Surgeons and moved to their office at BMA House, 135 Macquarie Street Sydney – just a stone’s throw away from our current location.

We are very excited about these changes and the benefits that they bring to both our patients and ourselves. You will be pleased to know that my team is moving with me, so don’t worry; you will still be greeted by the same familiar faces.

For some time it has been my wish to find a dental practice to merge with that provides the same level of care and service that we provide to our patients. Sydney Dental Surgeons is a thriving dental practice with ultra-modern facilities and with an attitude and philosophy of care that matches my own. I look forward to introducing the other members of our new expanded practice to you.

The SDP Team – back from Maternity Leave!!!!!!!!!

Charlie is back!!!

After an extended leave Charlie is back with us and we are excited to bring her with us to SDS. Charlie is now the mother of 2 beautiful girls Natashia and Layla and we (as well as many patients) have welcomed her back with open arms. Charlie will greet you at reception and she will continue her role as our patient coordinator, ensuring that your treatment and appointments are well planned and will answer any questions you may have. Charlie is ready to ensure your care continues smoothly through this move. If you have any concerns or questions just give her a call and she will be ready to help.

More good news – Tabitha is also back!!!

I am thrilled that Tabitha is already back from her maternity leave and as usual you will hear her laughter emanating from the hygiene room long before you see her.!. Tabitha gave birth to a beautiful boy called Ari and we are very lucky that just 4 months after having her baby she is already busy back at work!! Tabitha will continue working her 3 days/week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) at SDS, looking after your hygiene and working closely with me, ensuring your continued care is gentle and up to date.

Benefits to you:

  • This merger has allowed us to acquire the latest in dental technology that will enable us to carry out many procedures in one appointment that up until now would have required 2. This saves you lots of time and only one injection instead of 2.
  • Who loves having impressions taken?
    We will now be able to eliminate impressions from 60-80% of our procedures. So – no more mouthfuls of gooey putty running down your throats.
  • If I am away or sick we will have trusted dentists in the same familiar location to look after you and your families should the need arise.

For further information about my move to Sydney Dental Surgeons or to discuss your continued care and arrange a consultation please contact my friendly staff on 9233-2577. To find out more information about Sydney dental Surgeons, you can visit their website on


Dr Jeffrey Albert

*See the full Dentisure™ Dental Accident Program Policy for more details, eligibility criteria, and terms and conditions on the DCN website.

Bacteria-killing fillings

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Scientists using nanotechnology at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, USA, have created the first cavity-filling composite that kills harmful bacteria and regenerates tooth structure lost to bacterial decay.

Rather than just limiting decay with conventional fillings, the new composite is a revolutionary dental weapon to control harmful bacteria. “Tooth decay means that the mineral content in the tooth has been dissolved by the organic acids secreted by bacteria residing in plaques on the tooth surface. These organisms convert carbohydrates to acids that decrease the minerals in the tooth structure,” says Xu, director of the division of biomaterials and tissue engineering in the school’s Department of Endodontics, Prosthodontics and operative Dentistry.

The researchers also have built antibacterial agents into primer used first by dentists to prepare a drilled-out cavity and into adhesives that dentists spread into the cavity to make a filling stick tight to the tissue of the tooth.

Fillings made from the School of Dentistry’s new nano-composite, with antibacterial primer and antibacterial adhesive, should last longer than the typical 5-10 years.

The team is planning to next test its products in animal teeth and human volunteers in collaboration with the Federal University of Ceara in Brazil.

The New Injection Without A Needle!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

It’s been on channel 7 and channel 9 news and it’s now here at SDP. Something new and amazing for all our patients! Instead of a needle to apply your anaesthetic, it squirts the liquid out fast like the speed of a jet!!! Patients won’t be feeling pain or sensitivity before applying our local anaesthetic. This equipment is called Injex, new to Australia, approved in different countries all over the world, like America, Canada, Europe, and now this great country. We are so proud that we are a part of this new system as we have always wanted our patients to feel as comfortable as possible when having dental treatment. Jeff has always done a great job with the way he applies local anaesthetics. Now we have Injex to make it even comfortable for our patients. It will ease the anxiety of most patients with having a local anaesthetic done by needle alone. It will change the way of how we present the way we do our local anaesthetic. Injex works for all types of patients, including kids!!!

Back in the day no such thing as painless local anaesthetic existed. Now SDP can provide this amazing INJEX to help our patients feel more at ease when having their dental treatment.

We want the best for our patients, and here is one more thing to add to our list.

Things your should tell your dentist

Monday, May 13th, 2013

The first question we ask when a patient comes to visit the dental surgery is about their medical history. Patients often don’t feel they need to tell us some of their medical history as it may not be relevant. A patient’s medical history is very important and can impact on the type of dental treatment we can provide and their overall health.

When you visit the dentist its is very important to let us know the following

  • you have any allergies
  • Have you had any artificial joint replacement as the treatment we perform can increase your risk of infection for a period of time after
  • Are you taking any medications, for example certain medications such as anti-depressants can not be used with certain local anaesthetics
  • Do you have a heart condition
  • If you are pregnant
  • If you have a pacemaker
  • Are suffering from any type of illness

All of the above can affect your whole body and how your mouth responds to plaque and bacteria, it can also affect the way we provide treatment and the way a patient responds. It is very important to tell your dentist anything about your medical history no matter how small it may seem, it allows us the get the whole picture of your health and provide the best care possible.

March 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

We are very sorry this month to say good bye to our Front desk coordinator Sherine who has left to look after her sick mother. We send all our best wishes to Sherine and her family and wish her mother a quick recovery.

Some you of may have already meet Angela who is our new Front desk coordinator and we are very excited to add Angela to our SDP family. Angela joins the team with 10 years experience in the Dental field and brings many great qualities to the practice to help us help you!

We would also like to send big congratulations to Charlie our practice manager and her family on their exciting news that they are expecting their second child and once again the SDP family is growing.

NEW iPhone APP for invisalign

Align on time is a free app available for download through the App store, it allows you to track aligner times and will alert you to what aligner is due and what day. It’s a great application for staying on track with your aligners.

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